Treatment Enzyme Peel – Botanical Exfoliator

Amore Pacific was one of those brands that sneak up on you.  It started with a sample given to me as a reward (for spending too much money) at Sephora 😉 .  I’m always weary of products that are skin-care based due to the fact it usually takes more than one application to really see a difference, also with companies I have never heard before.  With new companies popping up all the time and a lonely Friday night (a glass or 2 of wine might have been involved) I  opened the sample package of the Treatment Enzyme Peel (Botanical Exfoliator) and this wonderful fresh scent enticed me.  I am not a perfume person, I actually am very sensitive to overly scented products and if lingers triggers a migraine. First thing I noticed was the texture when placed in my hand, almost a fine dust that dissolved in water – no scrubby particles which tripped me up.  I had apparently expected a grainy texture reading the “Exfoliator” description rather that it was an Enzyme Peel first and foremost – I blame that on the wine….

Massaging the dissolved dust onto my pre-cleansed skin was a treat. A light sent, nice airy foam texture.  After the 30 to 40 seconds were up, rinsed off fully.  I could immediately feel the softness and smoothness this product gave me.  When I looked in the mirror I noticed a slight improvement in the overall balance of my skin.  After following up with the rest of my skin regimen I purchased the full bottle on their web site.  It is now a staple that sits in my shower and is used twice a week.

Fun note: When I received the bottle from Amore Pacific I was not expecting the bottle to have its own dispenser, making sure product is not wasted, that was a plus.  Overall I will continue using this product and will be re-purchasing when it is empty.  I am also looking forward to trying new products from this company. Click below to find out more great things from this product!


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  1. I have heard great things about this brand. Where can I get ahold of some samples before I commit to purchasing such pricey products?

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