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The Quest for Healthy Coffee?

On the basic momma quest to start living a fuller, healthier life I examined an array of everyday tools and lifestyle choices we made.  Being the head honcho, the el heffe, the President and Director of household operations I knew if things were going to change they had to start with me.  At the cost of trying not to feel overwhelmed and make subtle changes that would impact our lives I started looking at our habits  when the alarm rang.  If I polled how many moms and dads felt coffee was a priority, necessity and valuable commodity …….  well, I don’t need to explain, I think you get it right?  I love my chain coffee company, my wallet does not.  While helping my family this goes hand in hand.  Could I get a great cup of coffee at home?  With the majority of middle class Americans drinking from their Keurig everyone knows someone who has one.  Who can blame them!  The convenience and appeal of having a cup of joe in 30 seconds is a dream.  Guilty, I raise my hand and was a consumer when the first, yes, first model was introduced and have upgraded ever since.  B.K. (Before Keurig) I, myself am a one cuppa girl, in the morning to function.  Clayton (my husband) is a multiple cuppa boy and momma (me) was the one making them.  Not refusing to throw out the extra morning coffee, I would heat it up for him instead – not too long he caught on and wanted a fresh cup.  I don’t need to explain to you why the Keurig was a lifesaver.  A wonderful American commodity that solved many problems from what coffee everyone enjoyed to when you wanted a fresh cup.  Im sure by now I’m typing on deaf ears and realize you know how the Keurig craze came to what it is today.

Care free 20’s were a great time. My early 30’s were amazeballs too. Until some health issues started to arise. Now, before you, in the blogisphere get your virtual panties in a twist, I’m not saying the Keurig was the reasoning for my health problems. It was my lifestyle choices as a whole.  Thus, began finding healthier alternatives for everyday usages.  Now, this was no radical change.  I only started with my Coffee because it was literally the first thing I touched in the morning.  No,  not even my toothbrush people.  Realizing steaming hot water filtering thru a plastic pod would not really be good for my body, regardless of it being BPA free.  Secondly, their was no way of really cleaning the tubing inside the machine. Although I de- scaled the machine (sometimes) It piqued my attention too.  Lastly, with my second child born, the household income took a hit and approx. .50 cent a pod it was getting expensive.  Clay then started to wonder why there was a different pod company every week cause we could only afford the boxes that were on sale.

This got me thinking of going back to basics.  French press style but the waste of coffee would bring me right back to the problem that started it all.  With the world’s greatest invention (the inter-web) I started researching alternatives.  I knew I wanted nothing with any plastic components, something that did not require a lot of work, something I can make a cup at a time and something that did not require a pesky filter I had to purchase.  I figured I was asking too much of society’s coffee problem until I saw an ad for a “pour over” coffee maker and BINGO – my search was on.  It was easy to narrow down until I found one with no filter, no plastic components, something easy and something I can portion. My find……. COFFEE GATOR.  I have amazon prime so naturally its my go to when I want to find niche products at value.

It had everything I wanted.  I was just afraid Id be too lazy to use it or the stainless steel filter would not hold up, not to mention the glass breaking but at $29 I was willing to take the chance plus after reading the comments I saw the company was very involved answering questions or replacing an item if it deemed defected or damaged.

I must say, I hid it from Clay the first time making his java.  When I try to change something that has been routine in our 17 years he shakes his head.  You see, as he gets older he is much more a creature of habit.  I will never forget the first cup I gave him on the sly.  At first, nothing for the first few days but then asked what brand pod I was using and that he enjoyed the flavor :). My happy dance ensued and showed him the Coffee Gator carafe.  This is the one I purchased on June 13th 2017:Pour Over Coffee Gator Set 

Now, instead of podding the Keurig before I brush my teeth, I heat up some water in a pyrex measuring glass and pop it in the microwave a minute per cup.  Once done with my teeth I pour the water over the fresh coffee.  I does not take much longer to brew and end up washing my face and waking the kiddos then enjoying my joe. Its little successes like this that make me feel like I’m living a more fuller life, not just in my coffee, just knowing that some little changes can lift me up and knowing I wont be throwing pods in landfills or wondering if the inside of the old trusty machine has buildup.  Taking these baby steps makes me feel fuller and more aware of beauty that we overlook. Whether it be a cup of coffee or beginning my reign of world domination 🙂

I will leave the link below for you to check out. There is so much more information  I could of included in this blog but figured you can research and come to your own conclusions.  I am never one to push a product on anyone, this just happens to be the beginning of our families transformation to a fuller healthier life, and just so happened started with a cup of coffee.

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