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Pistachio lovers rejoice! I have found the perfect pistachio products!

I have loved pistachios since I was young.  It was just one of those foods I was drawn too.  Its distinctive smell and taste when baked or roasted just gave me a warm feeling inside. Quite a unique and strong cult niche I am not the only one who can pack down pistachio anything.

Recently added to the list of brain food, Pistachios contain the right amount of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.  It is also listed as one of the nuts that have a  lower calorie and fat content. What I did not know is the amount of antioxidants  pistachios contain.   That tasty little nut has  properties to help combat and neutralize free radicals that form cancer and heart disease. I can go on and on about the health benefits of this but I digress.  I’m actually here to tell you about the perfect Pistachio beauty product  that skyrocketed to Beauty Lane Approved status when used for the very first time.

Sima Mostafavi, a 4th generation pistachio grower in California describes Pistachio as the super nut as it has more beneficial properties than any other nut.  She knew first hand the unique properties pistachio oil holds.

Not only is this product made with natural and organic ingredients so you can feel good about putting it on it actually WORKS!

I have 2 products from the Pistache line I’d like to share with you today, The Pistachio Body Butter and Pistachio Oil Cleansing Shower Gel.

The Pistachio Oil Body Butter, also nicknamed “The Boyfriend Body Butter” gives you the warm smelling sweetness without being sickly. Consumers of this product have deemed it a cult classic for the way they get compliments from their significant other from the scent and smooth-ness this product makes you and your skin feel. I have to say, I am completely hooked by the natural aroma with no chemical after scent.  Not only do I slather this on right out of the shower, I use it during the day when I need a pick me up. Once you smell it for yourself, you will be addicted too.  My skin has never been so soft and smooth.  A ritual I spend the time for and I oh so enjoy.

The Pistachio Oil Cleansing Shower Gel is now a staple in my routine.  Like the Body Butter its sweet, soft non sickly smell just envelopes me with the scent I deem so decadent.  You would think It would be Pistache overload but as its made with all natural and organic ingredients it does not leave a chemical laden after scent as your day progresses like some artificially laced products.

An internet high five to Sima and her team for making not only products that work but products that are good for us too!

I look forward to using the “Secret Weapon” of that which is the facial serum AND “The Classic”  light weight moisturizer on my next order around.  My skin has turned from winter flake to summer ready giving it the TLC it desperately needed.

Thank you Sima for opening the market for this when none existed and really hitting a home run in the formulation.  The end result, a product that makes me feel good using them.

I will continue to update this post as I try more from the Pistache Line.  Leave me a comment below with any questions you may have.  Have you tried this line?  I’m interested to see others go crazy for these pistachio products.  To find the products mentioned above, you can find them here:

Pistachio Body Butter

Pistachio Cleansing Shower Oil

Pistachio Facial Serum

Pistachio Hydrating Moisturizer

Until Next Week!

As with any post transparency means more to me than monetary gain. This post may contain affiliate links that at no cost to you, I may receive a percentage on products purchased. This will  fuel my coffee run to bring you more amazing, helpful content!

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