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Many of you requested, here it is! My behind the scenes work space!  What I do is my passion.  Its what drives me professionally everyday.  This is my zen place, probably the only place I have that you will see neat and tidy.  No, I’m not in a fancy studio, or an office space.  No downtown loft for me…..

This is our dining room.   When I say our, I mean my family’s.  Our humble dwelling includes my Husband, two beautiful children, two dogs, 1 cat and a few ghosts.  Yes, I believe my house is haunted but in a good way (and for a post another time.)

We reside in the Hudson Valley, NY. 90 min outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.  Our very old house is also very small and we love it that way.  Although I took over the dining room makes us a little more cramped my family knows my passion in this crazy beauty industry.  This is my work space/office/lab/storage.  Nothing too crazy, I have everything I need and although everything doubles as a second something It forces me to be nice and organized.  Down the road Id like to move to an office space (probably the garage) but the north east winters and no heat makes it a chilly prospect to think of.   Where do we eat then?  We have an additional dining room table in the living room.  Yes, all of our 1400 square feet is utilized!

What you see in the picture is our old dining room table sans the chairs.  It makes a great desk/backdrop/shipping station/product storage area for me to do my magic.  No Ikea alex drawers here.  I like to see everything I have and often look towards it as inspiration for the days look.  Those Tupperware drawers, yep you guessed it.  They hold everything small from my liners, setting powders, blush, bronzers…..  you get the gist.  Everything that is not in palette form is tucked away in those pullouts.

Are you ready????  Lets start from Left to Right-

Behind door number 1, yep the bathroom and our only working full bathroom.  Always messy when you have a 5 year old son getting his aim right.  To the right,  My Light System  I had purchased this during my brief stint with LuLaRoe.  I needed a Light system to take decent photos of my inventory.  I was lucky to able to re-use them.  They are not a super expensive set and you can find them on Amazon here. Limo Light System

This is what I use for videos, pictures and just the everyday applying of makeup.  We only have 2 windows so natural light is hard to come by.

Next is probably the most expensive item I purchased and thats the Mirrored Vanity.  I got this from Home goods for around $250.  I am fully aware I’m using this backwards but when your whole work space in unconventional, you use things unconventionally.  This is my favorite piece in the room and is mirrored on top to give the lighting on my face a good boost when it comes for the MOTD (makeup of the day) shots.  This is also the messiest and will always be.  Trying to show my real process, I did not clean or stage it nice and tidy.  On it you will always find my Erin Condern family planner, some sort of electronic device charging, skincare products (some faves and some I’m testing) and by beloved Kombucha.  I LOVE Kombucha, its a required taste but its my vice.  Ketiva is my favorite brand and at $2.50 each (on sale) Its better than smoking or my McDonnell french fry addiction.

Moving to the wall.  This is my editorial calendar.  I’m a very visual person so when it comes to planning out my blog posts or when my subscription boxes arrive I have a clear and concise schedule I can stick to so I never gets writers block.   I always schedule 3 months out so I can make sure I have no duplicate topics during the trio of months.  Always on a budget, I made these myself from square cork boards, post-it notes and washi tape.  One day I will splurge on a giant dry erase board but for now, this works just as good!  If your in the blogging business this is a great way to outline your months.  It separates my family business from my work business and keeps me on track.

Just below are my brushes and alternative makeup storage.  I go thru a lot of makeup.  I’m always sampling items that are either sent to me, in my beauty boxes or something I purchase.  There are no duplicates.  Its mapped out how I use products  on my face and are separated by old beauty boxes I save.  Never any waste here!  I like to try all sorts of beauty company combinations and don’t often stick to my ole trusty favorites although I know they are there to save the day if a look goes downhill quick.

Next is my dining room table, I mean my desk, I mean my backdrop, I mean more storage 🙂 I like that I can swivel my chair around to access what I need in that moment.  I use to have this covered in a black background but wanted my videos and pictures to have a more personal touch.  It also highlights what I do very clear, makeup!  Flanking each side are two white lazy susans topped with cake stands loaded with products.  In each of the smaller cake stands I have mail dividers holding an array of palettes and my “Life in the Beauty Lane” letter board. The opposite side holds (from the top) Primers and Illuminaters, Setting Sprays, Buxom and Jeffree Star mini lip kits and Micellar water f0r those oops moments.  The Lazy susan lets me easily get to a product with out knocking everything down.  Yes!  Formality and Functionality!!  Around the outskirts are products I’m using at the moment or sampling.  If you are a YouTube subscriber, you will see it change often as I rotate  products fast.

To the right and last thing in the room is my desktop.  I love thats in front of the window and most of the year, when its warm I have it open.  To fit in such a small space I have 2 more Tupperware containers topped with a piece of plywood.  Nothing fancy-schmancy.  In the Tupperware containers are duplicate products I either give away or donate. When they start overflowing is usually when I have to go thru it.  I love my desktop for all the photo storage it contains.  Its actually faster than my laptop so you can usually see me here at 4am editing posts that are due out that month.  Yep, you herd right, 4AM.

This comes to the conclusion of what I want to talk about and the reason why I wanted to show my work space.  Although a dedicated work space and fancy studio is nice, its not required to follow your dream.  I am a mother of 2.  Technically you could call me a stay at home mom on the normal hours from 7am-7pm.

This is my passion, my dream, my fun. This is what keeps me sane. I wake up everyday at 4am to work on my business. Then from 9am – 12pm (while my little one is in preschool) then again from 7pm-9pm.  Yep!  Full time mom, Full time beauty editor and influencer.  I am lucky enough to work from home and have something I’m so passionate about it does not feel like work.  With the huge support of my husband  I’m able to give you the best I have in every picture, blog post or video.  This is my dream, passion and want you to sit shotgun with me as I live my Life in the Beauty Lane.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I wanted to pull the curtain back of my life to show that if your passionate about something reach for the stars and make it work.  As you can see as a family we are all in this together and they do sacrifice some normalcy.  Not everyone has a mini studio in their dining-room or stays super quiet when I have to film a video.  So to my family, thank you for putting up with this unconventional crazy life.  This sparks my joy and could never see my life without you or my passion project as it is today.

To my readers and followers, I hope this inspires you to follow your dream no matter how big or small.  I did not get this way overnight! Its actually been years in the making.  If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask away, Id be more than happy to take your questions and hope to give back some inspiration as to what sparks your joy.

As with any post transparency means more to me than monetary gain. This post may contain affiliate links that at no cost to you, I may receive a percentage on products purchased. This will  fuel my coffee run to bring you more amazing, helpful content!

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