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Allure Beauty Box, February 2018

When it comes to beauty recommendations Allure is the top rated when it comes my way.  No need to have a beauty profile here, their pics are so well rounded, even the novice beauty lover can enjoy what they have to offer.  Never mind the fact they have their own Best in Beauty Awards.  It really makes me take notice when I see that all too familiar red symbol on a product recipient from one of its awards.  Having a huge influence on beauty, you will often find products that are just coming to market and have a lot of hype surrounding them.  They are always on point with trend schedules and they take that into account when putting together beauty box products.

Lets dive in to see whats included for February’s box.


SkinFix Natural Minty Mint Lip Repair Balm – $4.99

This all natural company has become a staple of drugstores here in the USA.  With more consumers opting for an all natural option no wonder its created such a following.  The 40% coconut base hydrates while the mint gives a nice refresher to your pucker. With many other flavors/scents available within this line (Vanilla Mint, Lemon Mint, Watermelon Mint and Flavor free) Its easy to see why this was Allure Best in Beauty winner of 2016.


Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Liquid Lip in Gwyneth – $24

Another company curated by  Hollywood royalty I would expect nothing less than a stellar product from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Juice Beauty line.  Another organic solution for those mind, body, spirit and earth conscious, this liquid lip’s organic ingredient list hits the mark of treating yourself right with ingredients coming right from nature itself.  With no tacky or over dryness you can achieve a satin pout in 1 swipe.  With a nice doe-foot applicator your able to reach the edges of your lips with ease.  Wait for the product to set or blot for a long lasting stain.  With 8 colors in this collection (all named after close friends and family) you are sure to find a shade to compliment your skin tone.

Promo Code:  Enter ALLURE2018 at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase (excluding already discounted products, such as bundles or gift sets)  Offer Valid January 31, 2018 through march 31, 2018


Cle Essence Moonlighter Cushion – $30

We are a nation that pines over the highlighted glow on the high points of the face but make no mistake, this is not your average highlighter.  The multi dimensional shift takes you for a surprise for the dew that does not stop.  Use it sparingly, this definitely packs a punch, feels as light as air and silky smooth you will forget you will be blinding the haters with this glow.  Make sure you do not confuse this bad boy with your cushion compact or you will be as reflective as the sun.  Apply with your fingers as the last step of your makeup routine or use included sponge.  Again, use sparingly or you will be shining bright like a diamond!

Promo Code: Enter ALLURESHIPOUT for free shipping on any purchase.  Offer valid February 1st 2018 – No expiration


Tarte- Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – $23

A cult classic for getting the root of your lashes without the smear on your mobile lid. This lash wands spiky bristles may look intimidating but its all in its epic design.  Not guilty of having repurchased this multiple times it gets right down to the base, coating each  lash with an inky black solution that glides on beautifully with no clumping. Able to define, it creates pigmented long lashes for even your longest days.  Did I mention Tarte is a High Performance Natural company?  Uhmmmm… Starting to see a theme with this box yet?

Promo Code: Enter ALLUREXTARTE for 10% off your purchase.  Offer valid February 10, 2018 Through March 10, 2018



Youth to The People Age Prevention Moisture Cream – $48

Not going to lie, I expected this cream to be green when its a Kale+Spinach Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid cream.  Although fun, I don’t think it would have fared well rubbing in to the skin. Its slightly fresh scent does not give away all the greens in this product.  Hey, if you don’t like eating your greens, you can put them on your face right? Its super light formula leaves no grease or tacky-ness behind.  A plus for a sensory buff like me.  I did notice how quickly my skin absorbed this product making it a great cream for my pre-makeup ritual.  Although this sample is small, I just might purchase the full size to continue my age prevention project 😉

Promo Code:  Enter ALLUREFREE at checkout for free shipping on any purhase. Offer valid startiung 2/1/2018


In conclusion I look forward to this box knowing the beauty editors over at Allure know what they are doing.  I never have to guess or wonder if a product will be good and worth it.  If Allure promos it, we usually come 😉

As always, thanks for joining me on my journey for the best beauty.  If you are interested in your own Allure Beauty Box subscription head to

Allure Beauty Box

Only $10 for your first box. Then $15 for each months curated samples that cost between $50-$90 regularly!

See you all next month for a rundown of curated samples!

*This post is not sponsored and I do not make a commission on affiliate links 🙂 As always, I value transparency over monetary gain*


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