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WINKY LUX – Brand Review

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I love brand reviews!  Products from lines are usually formulated in a way they work best with each other.  If your not familiar, Let me introduce you.  This is WINKY LUX.  A NY based company with a cute store front on Ludow street mixes the perfect potion of being super cute and super functional.  Lets run down the list –  my arsenal of WINKY LUX to see whats staying and whats going!

First lets talk packaging.

Stinking cute – At least for me that loves the atheistic in the design department.  You will find some sort of associated design element which I swoon over.  I may geek out about packaging albeit the pre-curser to whats inside really counts.  Lets hope they spend some of their budget on the products inside.

I’m going to go in order of products I would use from first to last.  Don’t want to read? Watch my first Impressions Video below otherwise scroll past!




Pucker Up Plumping Lip Gloss in Lemon Cake

I LOVE plumping glosses. I always prep my lips with a plumping lip gloss when getting my face ready for the days adventure.  The thing that’s different about this plumper is it has a pinky purple reflex which not only makes it perfect for priming my lips, it works so well as a lip topper when you want to add that extra-extra to your pout. I’m talking about it plumping your lips AND giving you a pinky/purple shimmer reflex to take your pout to space!  Lastly, how can I not mention the delish Lemon Cake Scent that has me thinking about my grandmas Lemon Bars.

Lemon Cake LipGloss Plumper


Whipped Cream Primer

After sending my lips to tingle heaven I start priming my face.  For this I use my Whipped Cream Primer. I’m not kidding, its actually whipped!  Its nice fluffy, non sticky consistency fills in my pores and the pink tone though barely noticeable evens out my completion for a smooth base.  Sometimes I wear this alone on summer days, swipe on mascara and lip gloss and call it a day.

Whipped Cream Primer


Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil

This double ended tool (product on one end, spoolie on other) in in a universal shade that covers most brow colors.  The Brow tool it teardrop shaped giving those thicker brows a leg up.  Unfortunately I found this tool too wide for my very thin sparse brows but have used it on clients who’s brows are significantly thicker than mine.  Warm it up on the back of your hand before application. Product works best when warmed.

Uni-Brow Universal Eye Pencil


Kitten Palette


In admittance I received this in a boxycharm and made sure they included this on their website before writing about it.  Nothing like giving something a great review then its unavailable.  This is a very loved palette of mine (as you see.) So many looks can be created and for the price you cant beat it. These highly pigmented shadows come in 4 finishes (holographic, matte, satin and glitter.) Its on the front lines of my palette stack and grab this enough to probably hit pan soon on a few shades.  Their shadows are so under-rated.  Id pick up this palette if you want to dip your toes in the Winky Lux world.  It is that AMAZING!

Kitten Palette


Single Shadows Nala (shimmer) and Bardot (matte)

Again, under rated eyeshadows here!  Nala I use dual purpose as an inner corner highlight and brow highlight. The rich shade of Bardot is a color that looks good on everybody.  Mostly loved as a transition shade but Ive also used as a subtle blush.  Perfect for a little natural flush.

Single Eyeshadow Pans


Strobing Cream in Bubbles

The mystical iridescence color of the bubbles you blew as a kid has now been packaged as a balm and could not be more beautiful.  Its originally marketed as a highlight but I cant help using on my lips, eyes, inner corners.  Since this is a balm, be careful of powder you put over and is best used Ive found in the spring and summer months!  This is the perfect festival balm to take with you to glisten up your game while rocking out to your favorite performer!

Strobing Highlight Balm


Diamond Foundation Powders (are a girls best friend)

This is real #GLOWOVERLOAD coming in 4 shades (Light, Medium, Medium/Deep & Deep) I obsess over this with my more mature clients that want that glow from within. When worn over the Whipped Cream Primer  healthy radiance comes alive even if I’m working with overly dehydrated and dull skin.  With actual crushed diamond powder its perfect for natural radiance.  Use over a matte foundation if you want extra coverage but this light reflective foundation powder will become your best friend too if used correctly.

Diamond Powders




Lip Velour

I have a little bit of everything when it comes to lips, usually in a nude or netural shade.  These lip Velours are reminiscent of the way lipsticks were before the whole ultra matte phase.  Surprisingly long lasting but transferable, these lips keeps me soft and hydrated all day.

Lip Velours


Flower Balm Stain in Pink

Here comes my favorite of all Winky Lux Lips. With a flower in the actual lip balm this is a customer favorite thru and thru.  With a slight coconut scent I cant get enough!  This pink hue warms to your body for that perfect flush of natural goodness.  As you can see, It is well loved!  Flowers coming in Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple it does not effect the shade. Wearing different on different skin tones and each balm has a real chrysanthemum in each making touch ups in the bathroom a thing of the past.  Its too beautiful not to show off.

Flower Balm


Double Matte Whip Liquid Lipstick

This lipstick does not quit.  Glides on so smooth and opaque you don’t need a ton to cover your puckers.  Just make sure you let it dry before smacking your lips together or it will become patchy or sticky.  Let it cure fully and your good to go all day with your Double Matte Liquid Lip.  The trend that’s so in right now.

Double Matte Whip Liquid Lipstick


Steal My Heart Collection


In all seriousness though how stinkin cute is this!  If this trio is still available it is a MUST have!  A cross between a lipstick and a gloss these buttery shades are so light wearing and smell like FRUIT PUNCH!  Wear alone or layer them up!  The heart shape and dual toned bullet has my inner child screaming.  If they are sold out check back cause these are too good not to have in your collection!  A special item from Valentine’s day y0u bet I swiped these up in a heart beat!!!!! get it?  HEART beat LOL!

ahhhhh…. I digress

Steal My Heart Lipstick


Glazed Lip Donut GlossSugar Glazed


My newest addition to my collection just happens to be the last on this list……. for now hehe.  Coming in a beauty box my little heart was racing to try on.  You see, when you create a brand that makes you feel good while making you look good its a double bonus for me. With ingredients of coconut oil and jojoba oil it gives a nice softness to your lips and NEVER sticky.  Though not photographing well this “official” Lip topper (or gloss) gives me that sugar craze I want to feel over and over again.  If you have been hiding under a rock let me tell you something regarding the next seasons trend and this is all over it.  Shimmer/Glitter and Duo Chrome are taking over the fashion boards as your next big fashion ah ha. You will see it pop up in the Spring and Summer months especially at festivals or any outdoor concert or experience.  Though this is the last item on my list it wont be the last item I purchase from Winky Lux.

Glazed Lip Donut Gloss

At the end of that you don’t really need me to tell you if this is Beauty Lane approved do you?  Try an item out for yourself at: WINKY LUX

I’m excited to see what they have next!  I think the Coffee Eye Palette is calling my name 😉

Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure!  I cant tell you how much Ive enjoyed all your comments on social media!  Wait – Your not following me yet? What are you waiting for!!!!





Until Next Time!

As with any post transparency means more to me than monetary gain. This post may contain affiliate links that at no cost to you, I may receive a percentage on products purchased. This will  fuel my coffee run to bring you more amazing, helpful content!

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