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Let me first start off by saying the beauty community has been coming a lot bolder in their advertising and products.  Who has herd of a mask for your T*ts?  Well one company in California has put their product development into a mask to give your breast back their bouncing appearance. Id be crazy to pass up an opportunity to try to get my boobs into bouncing shape again so that’s exactly what I did!  Click the link below to watch my Youtube video of my first impressions of this “Calm your T*ts” Breast Mask!


anese – Calm your tits boob mask video


Products mentioned in the video but not sponsored are as follows:

anese – Calm your tits boob mask

Microfiber Makeup Removers (2) pack

Probiotic Recovery Cream


I hope you enjoy and until the next crazy product I try – Always live your life in the beauty lane!




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