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Totalee Hair


Lets face it, us Moms don’t ever get to shower in peace.  When we want to and when we do its rushed to the point of choosing to shave our legs or wash our face.  I’m lucky enough my husband comes home at a fairly reasonable time at night at which point the parenting baton is passed and I can get 10 minutes to myself before one kid needs approval for something or another.

Not until recently I was blessed (in my Bless Box subscription) with the travel collection of Totalee Hair.  I am a major hair snob when our family can afford it.  Graduating from cosmetology school and knowing the scientific difference between brands of wash leaves me partial to grocery store options.

I have my high end favorites and if you have guessed it or not this is one of them.  Well, my actual number 1 favorite at the moment.  What you see above is a repurchase to the travel edition received a couple months ago.  Ive spent some time in between brands and had to go back to Totalee Hair.  I could tell the difference immediately.  Among from keeping my hair cleaner for longer I could not get over the shine and manageability Totalee gave me.  As you can see, this is a one size fits all set catering to every hair style and type.  It makes my hair not only shiny and manageable but works to repair hair from the inside out with essential oxygenated oils and a blend of powerful Superfoods.  The scent is intoxicating and often go to smelling it thru the day.

At the moment I have extensions in my hair and have to be careful what products I choose.  What sets this apart is the length of time my natural hair  stays clean sans dry shampoo. Truly a life saver when it comes to being a busy mom.  I have incredible results with this line and wanted to share that with the world!  I look at shower time as a luxury and enjoy my time knowing the effortless way Totalee makes my hair feel.

Thank you Bless Box for featuring this in your subscription service and thank you to Totalee Hair for really knowing what consumers want.

I would definitely call this a “Beauty Lane Approved Item”

To check out Totalee Hair visit them at

Look out for my favorites video coming up where I will feature this brand maybe more than once 😉

Full Disclosure – This post is not sponsored.  I purchased all these items on my own and always promise to give you the best in the industry as I live my Life in the Beauty Lane.








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