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The Probiotic Skin Care Line That will Be Taking the World By Storm


It all started with my monthly Ipsy delivery.  The light teal container piqued my interest.  As an avid skincare and makeup connoisseur this was a brand that was new to me. As you can see I take my skincare very seriously but nothing was to prepare me for the obsession of Dr. Lili Fan and her line of Smart Probiotic Skincare would have on me.

The way it treats inflammation, reduces wrinkles and energizes skin especially on my tired mommy face when sleep has become a luxury has the proof in the pudding on my skin.  As per Dr.Lili Fan’s claims it reduces cellular damage by up to 50%, Activates cellular renewal by up to 70%, Helps repair sun damage, Boosts skins Natural defenses and supports the balances micro-ecology needed for healthy skin.  This is a product I can get behind.

With a very competitive cosmetic industry I was so happy to learn their Microdermabrasion kit was the winner of the most voted product at the Las Vegas Trade Show. Has also written an article seen here:

If you get a chance to try this award winning Probiotic Skincare Line head to

You will not be disappointed!


As with any post or vlog transparency means more to me than monetary gain. This post does not contain any affiliate links and I do not receive a percentage of sales.  Just a beauty fan trying to get the word out on products that are underrated

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