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The Book That Changed My Life – You are a BADASS

While browsing at my local (and favorite) boutique store in our local mall I was very purposefully experiencing escapism from my day to day life. I was at a “Now What” stage after having my second baby and thinking “oh gosh, what do I really want to do with my life.” You see, in all honesty I was not content at staying an “At Home Mom” for the rest of my life. I was very aware (thanks to therapy) I needed a creative outlet, something that was mine, something I could grow over time. At this point the running joke between my husband and I was that I changed my passions like I changed my underwear.  Life ain’t no sprint which I came to find after diving head first into passionate businesses one after the other.  A special events planner, custom cake extraordinaire, a direct sales consultant…. All that I had passions for then finding out that although good at, was not what I loved.  That brought me to the question “What do I want to be when I grow up”  The problem was that I was already “Grown Up.”  I had always wanted to go back to work when my son started kindergarten.  Something that gave me the flexibility of swaying with the school schedule so I could still be there for the precious moments.  Something that also contributed to the household finances because my “passions” came at an awful expense to my family.   2 kids in a 1 income household was getting tighter than tight.  I did not feel like a failure holding these business then closing them down as I started to really make the impact.   I was not scared at growth,  I was scared Id be stuck in a position or field I could never be truly happy in.  My husband, who’s patience I will never take for granted swayed from decision to decision supporting me on my path to ultimate internal happiness.

Back in that boutique, resting my hand on a book with the bright yellow cover. “You know” said the employee, “That’s a really good book.”  She must have saw the wheels turning in my head. Had the young lady not spoke up I would not be here today.  I have never called myself a reader.  I much prefer a hands on approach to learning but that has not gotten me anywhere. So the provocative yellow cover made its way to the check out counter.

I was desperate, more than Id ever like to admit. I knew pieces of the puzzle to my life were missing and in that desperation without hesitation started reading that night.

The first quote in the book: “You can start out with nothing, and out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made. – Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith; former drug enthusiast turned spiritual enthusiast turned inspirational badass.

At that moment I started welling up…..  could a book get me that much on the opening?

Needless to say, If you are reading this I am finding my way.  I know where my journey is headed though don’t know where it will end does not bother me.  I am following my happiness and my new found confidence in myself and my choices.  The way this book is written just speaks to me and countless other walks of life (being this is a New York Times bestseller.) This book catapulted my journey into my own life of accomplishment for now and future successes.  I really recommend this book to any and all that are breathing in this universe.  This should be required reading for all and the world would benefit from the beauty this book can manifest.  Jen Sincero, Thank you for this book and the way you have changed my life.  I am a Badass.  I have stopped doubting my greatness and am living an awesome life!

This is the actual copy of my book. I reach for it when I need a reminder my journey is a marathon.  I have flagged all that resonate with me and pop it open to a random page when I need a reminder of my badassery.




To get a copy pop on over to Amazon You are a BADASS

I have it on paperback and on audio this way I can listen to it in the car while the kids are watching Dora the Explorer.  I also have what is the sequel to this book  You are a Badass To Making Money

It keeps me on track when my doubts creep in.  You can tell its well loved and well read.  If their is any “Beauty Lane Approved” Item this would be the first, the OG of Beauty Lane Approval.  This book will transform you to be, look and feel your very best starting on the inside.  Leave me a comment below if you have read this book!  I would love to hear how its transformed your world.

Until next time!

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