Technique For Adding Dimension Without Demarcation Lines

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It gets to that time when your daughter starts hounding you to do something special with her hair. Being a colorist, I wanted something that would please her without over stripping or leaving her a demarcation line as it grows out. We finally agreed on a style and hope you enjoy watching the procedure (in timelapse)

Her hair is a naturally golden hue so when she asked to go black my face turned white. (wonder where she is getting her goth faze from LOL.)  We decided to keep the same tonal color of her original hair and just went 3 shades darker.  This way as it fades or grows out she will not have a demarcation line or a clash of blue/black when it starts to wash out.  Using a Demi Permanent color and the correct tone it will eventually wash out to her natural hair.


When mixing the color, we choose 2 oz of color and 6 oz of developer.


Sectioning her hair in quads and starting from the back I back-comed each one inch section till her ends were out.  using foil to encapsulate we worked up the crown in a brick layer style until all the hair was completed.  Now we waited per package directions of 30 min.

With a quick shower of shampoo and conditioner, a blow dry then straight ironed it to show how the owrk payed off.  I hope you enjoy this video and don’t forget to visit me on social media


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In no way was this video sponsored and purchased all the materials myself. Visit me on youtube for all the products used.   I hope you enjoy!

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