Shake my Bum Bum!

Ever since Jennifer Lopez came on the scene in the 1990’s we saw a huge influx of women in the US obsessing over bums. To Ricky Martins “Shake your bon-bon” (1999) to Sisco’s “Thong Song” (also 1999) we have embraced Brazilian culture and their perfect bums.  Although this product has nothing to do with making your butt bigger its tongue and cheek name and advertising has caught on to be my most favorite body cream I have EVER used.  If you follow me often, my affliction to scents have plagued me causing some times severe migraines to follow.  Although I enjoy scented products the scents change or become unnatural in smell resulting to my body revolting against me.  After my 2 children were born I definitely saw my body changing.

I love body products with a purpose and just by chance stumbled upon a small 2.5 oz tub of Sol Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. With claims on the tub stating its fast absorbing and helps tighten and smooth like no other I was intrigued.  I have been around the block with an array of firming creams to help tighten and smooth my body.  All ranging from ok’s to holy cow this works (but out of my price range.)  Brazilian Bum Bum cream gives me the “HOLY COW” of results in a price range I can afford.  This is the beauty product I can continue to repurchase indulging myself without feeling guilty or hurting my family’s bank account.  The thing you will notice first is the intoxicating smell, like you have been transported to the beach, lying in the sun with a pina colada in your hand. The rolling waves steadily coming to shore and the good looking cabana boy asking you if you’d  like more sunscreen rubbed on your back ;). The.Smell.Is.AMAZING.  A very clean tropical scent.  It may smell overpowering at first but once it melts into your body its so much softer.  I either apply mine right when I get out of the shower or before I go to bed.  The scent stays true throughout and does not get nasty with my skin’s PH.  The texture is silky and smooth, absorbed immediately with no sticky or tacky feeling.  I am left with nothing but hydrated skin.  Within a few days after applying every night (or every other night) I did notice a difference on the back of my upper legs as far as my cellulite not being so prominent.  Not only do I use this on my Bum, I use it allover just staying away from my face.  There was a new radiance and subtle glow from within. I rarely see that unless I am fully hydrated.  Results only got better as I used and the chicken skin on the back of my arm dissipated and was not as embarrassed to wear tanks without a cardigan.  If your afraid to try because of the scent, this company makes this product in 3 sizes, an 8.1 oz. 2.5 oz. and a travel 0.81 oz.  I usually purchase thru Amazon (because Amazon Prime is awesome)  and I know it ships within 24 hours.  I am rarely without.  As you see from the photos, I’m obsessed and time for me to place a new order 😉

If you decide to try, I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do and the mental tropical escape that comes with it.

Bum Bum Cream

Much love!!!


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