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Ricky’s NYC-June 2018


I have to say I was a bit hesitant when I picked the next box to add to the round up of subscription boxes but I am pleasantly surprised with this months contents.  Lets run through these products and see what Ricky has in store:

Gulsha, Ultimate Rose Water Spray

This high end Rose Water is produced drop by drop by distillation of fresh rose petals.  This spray protects, soothes and tones your skin.  Perfect refresher on hot summer days.


Murad, Clarifying Cleanser

I was happy to see this included in the box.  I do get the occasional breakouts from the hot summer oils clogging my pores, mainly around my chin where I seem to always touch my face.  This daily gel cleanser combats acne by washing away pore-clogging grime, oil and irritants.  Such a perfect pick for me!


Iroha, Foil Tissue Patches

These 24K gold patches are here to help to get your summer glow.  They improve the appearance of your skin around the eyes and lips giving you all day firmness and hydration.


Hairfinity, Healthy Hair Vitamins

I swear the beauty gods above guided this product to me!  Having trouble with my hair this definitely came at the right time.  This  7 day supply of vitamins provide your body with ingredients like vitamin A & D, Niacin Biotin and B12 to strengthen your locks (and nails) from the inside out.


Avatara, Face Masks

I go through face masks probably more than any one you know 🙂 I am very happy 2 were included in my Ricky’s NYC box.  Get your skin summer ready with EVEN OUT which helps unclog pores and SHAPEUP which restores elasticity.


Suva Beauty, Shimmer Shadow in Empire State

This 4grams of shimmer shadow really lit me up!  Perfect for day or night this SUVA shadow in a flattering shade for anyone has you covered.  Lasting all day, apply to the center of your lids for a pop of glisten with your pointer finger.  No need for a brush here!


So this concludes June’s Box of Ricky’s Cult Crushes.  Last I checked the wait list is still opened for anyone who wants to start their subscription of this wonderful box.

At $14 a month I am happy with the contents and sizes for the price point!

Until Next Month!


*This post is not sponsored.  Just a fan crushing on her products

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