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Rainbow Hair with ION Color Brilliance

There is something so satisfying when my creative vision plays out as I wanted.  Watch the video below and follow me as I create this shifting rainbow goodness on my niece.  Product and steps listed.

Products used-

Goldwell Oxyur Platin Lightening Powder

Goldwell 10, 20 & 30 Volume

I used the following colors from the ION Line: Red (Brights), Copper (true to tones for dark hair), Lemon (Brights), Shamrock (Brights), Sky Blue (Brights), Radiant Orchid (Permanent Brights + 10 vol), Purple (Permanent Brights + 10 vol.)

Sectioning hair and taking horizontal slices, lighten the hair to a level 8/9.  For this application, I only took 7 sections wanting to create windows of color.  The sections need to be wide as we are going to apply color vertically down the hair shaft.

Rinse bleach out of hair, Shampoo and return to chair.  I did not apply conditioner as I needed the hair to be a bit coarse for easier handling.  Since her hair was short I was able to comb with no problems.

Dry the hair fully and pick out the sections that are pre-lightened clipping the remaining hair out of the way.  Starting with the first section, apply alternating color down the hair shaft, going from the root to end vertically and encapsulate in foil.

Each section you will need to switch up the order of the rainbow so you have different colors alternating.  Please see video for example.

Process for 30 min, shampoo, condition and style.

I has such a fun time with this and what a fun way to celebrate Pride Month!

Tag me on Instagram @_lifeinthebeautylane  I would LOVE to see your re-creation of this!

I hope this type-out was helpful.

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