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Overtone – The Next Generation of Hair Color

I change my mind like I change my underwear. Unfortunately that does not bode well with the health of my hair color.  As a hair and makeup stylist I get the pleasure of changing my look as the seasons change or now when my mood changes with a new Color Depositing conditioner with no harsh chemicals or additives.  Enjoy for a few weeks and change it up, Mix colors for that special something for you or order Clear for that deep conditioning treatment after a long summer of swimming or the harsh dry season of Winter.


You may think this is just for us blonds?  Nope!  Always re-inventing their selves they have everything for everybody.  Even if you hair is darker in color.


Check below for my experience of Overtone on my lighter hair.




Check out the website for yourself at

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Id love to hear what you think!  Leave me a comment on social media or here on my page.  I doubt it will be disappointing.  Skip that salon appointment and save yourself some money too!


Out of everything I have put my hair thru I fully back Overtone and will be purchasing a lot more.


As with any post transparency means more to me than monetary gain. This post may contain affiliate links that at no cost to you, I may receive a percentage on products purchased. This will  fuel my coffee run to bring you more amazing, helpful content!











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