My False Lashes Find

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This was my find recently when shopping for reusable lashes for my clients and for myself.

Sunnies Hair Imported Fiber 3D Mink Handmade False Eyelashes.   Reusable, Long Cross 3D Fake Thick Lashes.

Pricing in at $8.99 for a 3 lash pack I am always hesitant when purchasing lashes on-line with-out seeing them first hand.  Giving it a go, I needed lashes for a prom I was working and a good pair of full on lashes was missing from my kit.  After reading the amazon reviews (almost 5 star, and at $8.99)  I’d figure why not.  To my surprise when they came via prime I was more than pleased with the look of them.  Having a really nice thick band at the lash line, tapered hair like ends and that glamazon look I was pleasantly surprised.  Not to mention the band length was long enough for any eye shape and could be cut down to size. Always wanting to give my clients the best possible products I stuck them in my kit not knowing when they would be used.

To my utter shock, using them for the first job out I am blown away at how they looked on my client. The 3D effect, fluffly-ness (for lack of a better term)and seamless band was the perfect fit for her  needs.

Here is my client, With the Sunnies Hair Imported Fiber 3D Mink Handmade False Eyelashes.

These Lashes are full on, that glamour effect you’d like for a night out, I will be repurchasing them again. I have used 1 pair about 10 times now with just minor damage to the lash band.  You don’t want to put mascara on these.  It will ruin the volume but overall I give these a 5 star due to the price and quality.

Myself, with the lashes on.  You can see the full on effect these lashes give to my understated smokey eye.



I like to use LillyLash Glue or The more common Duo Glue with any and all lash application.  I find they are the best at applying and holding your lashes in place all day.

In conclusion I am very happy with these lashes and my clients are too.  Definitely worth the try especially at the price.  These rival the $20-$30 lashes I shell out for myself on occasion.  Truly a surprise find that was worth a whole blog post 🙂

Leave me a comment below if you have a great lash find or have tried these Sunnies Lashes.  I always look forward to hear about your finds and your favorite pair of falsies!


Until Next Find!


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