Masks AWAY!

NOT recently have become a fan of sheet masks - This is a long running relationship. Im almost ready to change my Facebook relationship status to "In an open relationship" WITH BEAUTY FACE MASKS. Its hard to be loyal to just one. With new products popping up all over the market you can customize to your hearts delight. Don't forget to try a threesome, Multi Masking I mean.... geeze, get your head out of the gutter ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you can circumnavigate your skin type (Normal, Dry,Oily,Combo,Sensitive) you can really benefit what these gems can do for you. I will be reviewing all types of masks and bringing them to you.ย  As I collect my data, Id thought you'd have fun with the photos I take while putting these products to the test.ย  Enjoy!


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