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Light Therapy in a Pandemic

Surviving the Pandemic with Light Therapy

Those who so don’t know, I suffer from sever anxiety and depression, Starting  when my daughter was born in 2008. Since then I have been looking for natural help during these times. Although I still take a mild anxiety pill I find this natural product to help me in the trenches of bad days.  I’m now working full time and trying to home school both my children, its put a lot of pressure on my quarantine life.  I try to look on the bright side while working my Monday thru Thursday job from home but my Beauty business has taken a deep dive and I honestly don’t know if I will recover but am optimistic.

Light therapy was suggested my by therapist when I’m feeling the blues.
I’m talking about the Nature Bright Sun touch Plus, bought on amazon back in October 2018.  When used regularly, I do feel a difference in my all over performance during the day.  SUPER SPECTACLE when it comes to out of the box therapy but take it from me, it works.  Id love to introduce some benefits from Light Therapy.

I own a SunTouch Plus/Nature Bright Light therapy box Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus I use this box in the morning when checking email and drinking my coffee.  If ‘still in bed, Ill curl up with a cup of coffee with my light and my laptop.

I really implore you to try this light therapy.  I find myself with a bit more focus and energy for the day.

You can find this on Amazon:  Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus

From the company:

SOOTHING LIGHT THERAPY LAMP: The Nature Bright Sun Touch 2-in-1 Light Therapy Lamp combines light and fresh air therapy in a compact design. It helps balance your body clock, leaving your entire body feeling rested, refreshed, and nourished .

CUSTOMIZED MOOD LIGHT: Since 2001, we’ve been helping people through hard times and toward a brighter future. Our built-in personal air purifier and built-in timer with 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute intervals allows customized use.

CONVENIENT AND COMPACT: The Nature Bright sunlight lamp is designed with a slim footprint and upright design so it can fit seamlessly almost anywhere. You can set it on your desk at work or on the nightstand at home to help you elevate your mood.

COMMITTED TO YOU: Sun Touch Plus is recommended by the Columbia Department of Psychiatry and is tested and certified safe for eyes by Age-related Macular Degeneration Center, University of Texas Medical Branch.

Sun Touch Plus 10000 LUX Light Therapy & Air Purifier

Feel the radiance of a cloudless blue sky indoors with Nature Bright’s SunTouch Plus! By harnessing the healing powers of the blue sky, this prescription strength light delivers an optimal amount of blue light rated at 8000 Kelvin, and 10,000 Lux. Our clinically-proven Sky Effect Technology is cool, safe, and comfortable. Its bright light is sure to deliver a therapeutic sense of well-being in any setting.

Supply Fresh and Clean Air Around You

  • Enhances mood, energy, and promotes a restful night
  • Re-syncs your body’s internal clock
  • Ideal for both office and home
  • Increases energy levels
  • Promotes concentration

Nature Bright

Nature Bright

Nature Bright

Nature Bright

The SunTouch Plus is an ideal solution for those suffering from mood swings during and after pregnancy, a loss of energy due to age, or a low mood as a result of lack of sunlight, particularly in winter.

Every SunTouch Plus comes with a built-in Negative Ionizer, which emits odorless, tasteless, microscopic negative ions commonly found in nature that are shown to lift your spirits.

The light therapy lamp emits a therapeutic 10,000 Lux light to help boost your mood, energy, and concentration without being hard on the eyes.

Sky Effect capitalizes on a revolutionary scientific discovery of a third receptor in the human eye that is sensitive to light frequencies particularly the wavelength in the “blue spectrum

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