Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Nudes Bundle Vol. 1

Hi Beauties!

I like to call myself a savvy shopper, especially when it comes to cosmetics.  Although its rare to come across a coupon code for Sephora I’m always on the lookout for curated bundle packs that let you try various samples of products.  Cosmetics are one of the most personal targeted industries never having a one size fits all approach.  With this comes wasted money on a product that either does not work for you or does not meet expectations.  Always on the hunt for that everyday lipstick that I can throw on and rock my day, its hard with two children on a one income family to spend the $15 – $25 dollars on 1 liquid lipstick that you hope you will love.  With so much emphasis on nude colors I was ecstatic when I learned Jeffree Star of Jeffree Star Cosmetics was releasing eight mini nude liquid lipsticks from his Velour Liquid Lipstick collection. The die hard beauty blogger I am you bet I set my calendar to make sure I was able to swap up a bundle the day it released.  Ironically I have been following Jeffree on his YouTube channel for years but have never tried any of his products. I am enamored with his persona and gravitate to more eccentric people that are not afraid of changing world views and opening the conversation to the many wonderful qualities we all possess. If you follow me on Instagram (tracy_a_ross)  you would have been able to see the excitement first hand waiting for that mail truck to come.  Take a look at this wonderful bundle below, I am over the moon for these Liquid Lippies. Watch me discover a new product love.


To get your own set before they sell out visit:

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