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Gold Leaf Fall Runway Trend 2018


There is nothing I love more than re-creating runway trends to every day looks.  Although extreme, I had such a satisfying time playing with gold leaf as seen all over the 2018 fall runways.

You to can create this look with just two simple items.

Duo Lash Glue and Imitation Gold Leaf / 100 Sheets

I first applied a thin layer of glue to my eyelid, waited for it to get tacky then placed a sheet of imitation gold leaf over the sticky surface.  The gold leaf tears easy to which its not stuck to so be sure your glue lines are nice and sharp.  You can omit the lower lash line for a more wearable appearance however more is more in my  book!

Recreating this look?  Id love to see it!  Tag me on Instagram @_lifeinthebeautylane or Facebook @Lifeinthebeautylane


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