Frequently Asked Questions and Tips/Tricks

Why you should get your makeup done:

I understand the expense of a wedding or special occasion is a large one.  You will be photographed all day in turn you want your makeup to stay all day.  Leave it to the professionals and professional products to have you looking your best at hour 16 as you did at hour 1.

Why you should have a trial:

Have a special look in mind, I highly recommend to have a trial.  It will make your big day much smoother.  Don't forget to take pictures, makeup always looks different in photographs than just looking in a mirror.  I recommend booking your trial after your dress and vail comes in so you have a clearer idea of the theme/look your trying to accomplish.

Should my Bridal Party Have Makeup Application too?

When you and your bridal party sit in my chair you can see the unity of all party participants. You will always notice the party guest who does not have professional makeup.  You are captured by your photographer all day, there is something to say about the coordination of the Bride and Bridal Party.

Choosing a Makeup Artist:

Choose an artist with excellent references and is familiar with all day makeup wear.  You will have a long day ahead of you and you want to look your best all the way thru from your ceremony, for first dance, cutting the cake, dancing the night away and saying goodby to your guests.


The Morning Of:

Come bare faced, I will be cleaning your beautiful canvas before I start artistry services.  This goes for all receiving makeup services.


What Should I Wear?

Depending on your dress, you are best in a strapless bra, button down shirt or robe.  This takes away any indentations from clothing or undergarments when its time to get dressed.



Prior to your big day I will provide a time line of who needs to be in my chair at a certain time.  It does not matter who goes first as long as we start on time.  I will always arrive 30-45 minutes early to set up my kit and scout where the best natural light is.  No worries if the light is dim, I always bring a ring light that mimics natural sunlight so your application is spot on!



I highly recommend false eyelashes, whether individual or a strip.  I will choose a pair that compliments your face and looks completely natural to frame your face.  It will give you that extra dimension especially when taking photos.  They will also be included in your trial to see if this is for you. 99% of my Brides and Special Occasion clients opt for the lashes.


Body Makeup:

Your wedding and or special occasion makeup might not stop on your face.  Body Makeup (included in services) is a very popular way to give you a light airbrushed finish on your shoulders, legs, decolletage or back.  It photographs seamlessly and is very popular but don't worry, it is sweat proof and transfer proof so your dress is spared by stains.


Using SPF:

Using a makeup line with an SPF of 15 or higher is a big no no.  SPF causes flashback from photography flashes casting a white hue in photos.  Any seasoned artist should know this.


Gift Certificates:

Weddings and special occasions can be expensive.  I have had many bridal parties in the past chip in for a trial gift certificate for their bride.  Gift Certificates can also be added to a wedding registry to help with the cost with the wedding.  Just as Honeymoon registries are now a thing, Bridal Beauty Application is now too.  Give the gift that will last a life time in photographs for decades to come.  Gift Certificates can be located on the tab within the Main Menu.  Need or want something formally printed? Contact me and I will create an elegant, formal card with details of the gift card information.  We can even match the wedding or shower decor to theme out your thoughtful gift.


Are we lo/key Superheros?  I say YES!

From the occasional stain to beads falling off dresses, Ive seen it all in 20 years.  I come prepared with an emergency kit which includes but not limited to, needle and thread, Tide Stick or Shout Wipes, Blister Band-aids, Anti-diarrhea medication, Tylenol, Advil, Sanitary Products, Safety pins, Bobby Pins, Clear Nail Polish etc.  I will have you covered above and beyond not just your beautiful makeup application.


Why you should hire me.....

Its not just my love for Makeup.  Its the love of making someone feel so very special on their big day.  I gain such joy from my happy clients which makes me love what I do. I have seen the trends over time and one stands out as a constant and that is you.  You in all your beauty.  I pride myself on making you look like you just a better version.  I offer references of past clients upon requests and implore you to hear from others my work ethic and dedication to go above and beyond the day you will remember the rest of your life.  I look forward to hearing all about you and your vision for your occasion.

Much Love and thoughtfulness,