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One thing I have to say about the Bless Box Is that its always stuffed with products.  Always anxious to see the selections and never disappointed.  Lets run thru this months contents which was collaborated with ELLE Magazine.

HIPPEAS – Organic Chickpea Puffs, Vegan White Cheddar – Retail, $2.50

You can put the Cheetos down! What a fantastic alternative when you need something sinful but should have something healthful. This bridges the two together.  I’m eating them right now!  No longer do you have to choose to be bad with your health when companies like this are taking over the world.  Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and sooooooo GOOD!  I sneak this into my kids lunch box and feel good about doing it.  You should really check them out.


Hollywood Fashion Secrets – Fashion Tape – Retail $11.00

As an MUA I always have these tucked into the back of my kit for bridal or prom emergencies.  I am astonished at how many times I grab them for a fashion flunder.  This double sided tape keeps pretty much anything in place.  Not wearing a “naked dress” don’t worry, I rarely have a teen or bridal party wearing one however this double sided tape will keep straps up, blouse buttons in place and have even used them on the back of slingback shoes to keep them from slipping off.  Though ultra strong, its also hypoallergenic and removes clean when done.  Definitely an MUA staple.  I’m always ready for the unexpected!


Lifeline Skincare – Refresh Polishing Gelee – $10 & Daily Defense Complex- Retail $30

Refresh Polishing Gelee – Its SPRING time everyone!  Well, that’s what the calendar says however we are still in the 30’s in New York, what better to do than to exfoliate my dry winter skin.  I take this in-between month to get that chicken skin on the back of my arms and start polishing my funny face to get ready for some spring and summer loving!  Don’t just use on your face, take it down your body, back of arms (my problem area) and get ready for some natural vitamin D!

Daily Defense Complex – This every day anti-aging, non-irritating, non-comedogenic, gluten free, non scented moisturizer has all you need to plump up those fine lines with an exclusive day complex with growth factors from human stem cells.  I’m Kinda a skin care snob and love the opportunity to try new to market products to preserve my skin and always present my best self!

Code!  Use “OFF50” at for $50 off a minimum purchase!


Clarins – Lip Comfort Oil – 04 Candy – Retail $26

This was a favorite in the past box and squealing I got another! This light lip oil that smells like candy goes on like liquid glass giving your lips instant light with a slight tint.   This non sticky formula with a smooth shine wears well and am just addicted! In addition to this gem, it comes in 7 more colors.  This goes immediately on my wish list! Clarins Lip Comfort Oil


REN Skincare – Now to Sleep Pillow Spray -Retail $10

I’m all about healthy, natural perfume.  Seems funny to have a “Perfume” at bed time but this is no ordinary  scented spray.  You may have seen pillow sprays for a while now in the market place but have to be super careful your not spraying toxins all over your sacred sleep spot.  This clean product promotes a clean environment.  REN Skincare has pledged to run their company with ZERO wast by 2021.  That would get my vote when going against a competitor.  Back to this pillow spray, with a blend of Frankincense, hopps and lavender its good for the whole family.  Even baby!  Spray a little on your pillow and get a good nights rest and start the next day with knowing you got a better nights sleep.  See more at


Maybelline, Total Temptation Mascara – Retail $9.49

A nourishing mascara that lifts and gives volume?  Sign ME UP!  This coconut extract infused whipped formula soothes ans nourishes while giving you the drama you want on your lashes and not in your life.  One coat or 2, does not get overly clumpy, heavy or flaky.


Dove – Exfoliating Body Polish – Retail $5.00

New to the Dove skin and body care line its no wonder this was included in the months box.  Like I said above, this month is the perfect time to get your dry, flaky skin in order before we are hit with the 70 degree days and your still hiding behind your cardigan.  Start smoothing your skin with some exfoliation before your overheating embarrassed by dry skin.  After you pop out of the shower is also a good time to slather your fave moisturizer on your newly polished skin.


Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics – Crushed Mineral Blush – Retail $22.00

Spring brings out the best of my natural beauty routine. I tend not to wear any makeup and if I do its a very light natural look.  Mineral cosmetics are perfect for the spring and summer giving you the most beautiful light colors.  Give yourself a natural flush in this shade of Plumberry.  Mineral Pigments are buildable and blendable if you want a bit more or going from day to night.  This company is cruelty-free, vegan and all natural. Find out about them here:

Sunday Riley – Auto Correct – Brightening & Depuffing Eye Contour Cream – Retail $24

HOW EXCITING to get a Sunday Riley product in my Bless Box!!!  I don’t care who you are, everyone needs some eye-care love either preventive or as you get older, possibly corrective. Its the first thing in my box I popped open and patted around my orbital bone. I love how moisturizing it feel.  Makes a great under eye primer for makeup.  This is a 100% purchase for me. Ive never been disappointed with a Sunday Riley product.  Worth every penny!

Sunday Riley Products


NUUN Hydration Vitamins – Grapefruit Orange – Retail $7

The first place to show my age is my face, and its even quicker to tell me how dehydrated I am. These NUUN tablets dissolve in your water boosting your hydration with 11 vitamins, minerals and a balance of electrolytes. I love how convenient and portable this is, I also love the name being the same spelled forward or backwards on its vertical bottle.  With so many options to up your hydration game check them out below.


Well, PHEW!  I told you there was a lot in this bless box oh but wait!  Thought I was done?  Nope! The Bless Box not only teamed up with ELLE to give us the best of bodycare they have also included an entire YEAR of ELLE magazine for FREE!  Now that’s exciting!  Thank you to Sazan, the team over at The Bless Box and ELLE!  You made this box subscriber a very happy woman!

For your own Bless Box you can check their awesomeness here: The Bless Box

Until next time my Beauty Lane Loves!


*Links in this post are not sponsored.  Just committed to giving you the best in beauty and subscription boxes!*


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