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BIRCHBOX: October 2017

Birchbox is another subscription box I enjoy getting every month.  I LOVE the variety of products from very popular companies and then some that are either new to the industry or not advertised a whole lot.  All for ahem…. $10.  Birchbox has provided me with some of my absolute ride or die products from companies that are not necessarily in the main stream or readily available at Sephora or Ulta.   This is where I take what I love and put it to the test.  The products or companies that I have not herd of are the most loved and enjoyed for my sampling obsession.  Take a look at this months box and see for yourself!

Starting from left to right

Lavanila – The healthy fragrance eau de parfume in Vanilla Coconut – Full Size: $48

This is one for the re-purchase list.  I had become obsessed with their healthy deodorant when questing for a non-toxic alternative.  With breast cancer in the family, this momma is always looking to reduce my chances.  This scent caught me by surprise as I’m always rubbing extra deodorant just for the chance of the intoxicating warm, sensual and captivating smell thru the day.

IPKN – Moist and Firm Beauty Balm SPF45 $35

This is one of those companies I have not tried and am excited to do so.  I am all for combining skincare and cosmetics in one!  Who needs 10 different products when you just need 1. Did I mention it also has SPF!

OUAI – Rose Hair & Body Oil – $32

Have I ever mentioned how much I love their Wave texture spray!  I used it all of summer 2017.  With my hair shorter, I loved how it held the tousled look with out needing hairspray.  With that being said I have high hopes for this product. With all things coming up roses, this is not your grandmothers pungent perfume.  A literal head to toe oil doing double duty to save you time and money with a light fresh scent.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (24 hour Miracle Cream) $16-$28

Having the pleasure of seeing the girls over at Real Techniques use this under their makeup application I took notice and boy they did not disappoint.  Trying this the past year it has been my go-to moisturizer for under clients makeup application.  Its so perfect to prep skin for makeup application and with winter approaching, I suggest you try as well to keep your skin radiant and hydrated.  (Winter is coming LOL)

Eyeko: Skinny Liquid Eyeliner $22

The sister to its waterproof, lash enhancing, carbon black original felt tip liner you wont be disappointed in the inky-ness and superior glide on thinner felt applicator for that precise coveted wing.

Take a look at what Birchbox has to offer and their $10 subscription box

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