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BIRCHBOX August 2017


Who is winding down from summer when you get an insane beauty box filled with cult faves and a newbie product to review? Not I!

ORIBE – Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

One of my top 5 favorite dry shampoos of all time. This product is well loved and a staple when I don’t get a chance to wash my hair (sometimes multiple days) ya know…mom life. The nozzle, creating more of a mist as you spray and not leaving white residue on my darker roots makes this a personal fave. The application is effortless and the chance to apply more than needed is diminished by the application of product from the nozzle rather than its dry shampoo rivals.
My sensitivity to scents is not bothered with this. I also notice the sent dissipates when worn rather than stick around on hot humid days. The claim of it being weightless is 1000% true. This product really is the GOLD standard in dry shampoos.

ORIBE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

2.2 ml retails at $22 while the 6oz retails at $44


N.4 High Performance Hair Care – Super Comb Prep & Protect 

If you have not seen my facebook and Insta-posts you will notice I have pink hair at the moment.  As a cosmetology license holder I have always been in love with the art of external beauty prior to graduating in 2000.  Its always a delight when Im sampled to hair products to try.  Having knowledge of science behind the chemistry of hair I understand the importance of using product for long term health and longevity of my locks including the chemical and heat processing I entail regularly.  I can actually thank my quality product usage for actually having hair at this point since I change my hair color as fast as the weeks change. I have objectively put my locks thru the ringer.  Washing my hair mid-day just to review this spray I enjoyed the sent (fresh, not overpowering) and the fine spray from the sample bottle. Shampoo, conditioned towel dried my hair and a few sprays all over was all that I added.  Combed and blow dried as usual.  I noticed a smoothness to my cuticle as you would get from an argan oil (without the weight) my color was vibrant and felt as if I added a finishing spray.  In a nutshell, my hair felt weightless and fresh.

This is a sulfate-free leave-in conditioner that states it safeguards color and protects against heat damage and UV rays.  It seems as an all-in-one product.  I would normally treat my hair with multiple products to cover all these bases.  I am excited to try this on my daughter as her long locks are a trouble to comb post shower.

Can I also mention the comb alligator on the packaging……very cute!

side note: after I edited this post I was thinking how much I liked the packaging.  Its clean, clear and minimalist leaving the product to speak for itself. I enjoy the playful touch with the comb/reptile hybrid. 🙂

N.4 High Performance Hair Care – Super Comb Prep & Protect

200ml / 6 fl. oz. $32.00


Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Perla

Does this brand need any review?  As a super status cult classic if you need a lip to stay in place all day you turn to Stila.  This creamy liquid lipstick will hook you with the weightless wear, pure pigment, ease of application and longevity of wear.  I was a person that HATED a liquid lip.  Even with all the exfoliation prep and moisturizing I was always feeling my 34 year old lips would feel so dry, tight and rough I forever banned them from my makeup rotation.  I ultimately gave up on the matte liquid lip-trend and signed it off as something for younger generations.  Fast forward 9 months or so I have had the privilege of testing multiple brands that are creating the liquid lip mainstay in the marketplace and can say Stila is one in the market place that holds a place on my vanity.  I can tell I have something on my lips (which is great of reminding me of check-ups) to make sure my lines are sharp and filled.  I enjoy being able to kiss my kids all day with no transfer.  Although Stila is not the only liquid lip I enjoy, I know I can count on ole trusty to get the job done.

Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – 18 Shades

0.1 oz. $22.00


Coastal Scents – Blush & Bronzer Palette

Summer is synonymous with bronzing.   Your summer glow now a-days is just as important as the vacation spot you get it at.  Long gone the days baking in the sun, with a reflective tri-board affixed to your chest.  Today we are the generation of mega SPF and proper skin protection.  I among most people who feel more alive when I have a little color bronzed onto my skin.  The healthy glow of color that makes us feel alive and will keep us alive fake-baking our selves with makeup to avoid sun damage.  Although the error on the sample packaging in my box was upsetting (“sampler includes one blush and one highlighter”) and receiving one blush and one bronzer  I was relieved that the bronzer just happen to be the right tone for my skin.  Bronzer is another very personal choice from human to human.  Getting the correct undertone (warm, neutral, cool) is a beauty conundrum that we can all have when looking at colors thru the computer screen. It was also a plus that the samples are of pretty good size pans, already de-potted and easily ready to go into my z or any magnetic palette used for my single pressed makeup pans.   Looking at this product as a whole I appreciate the ease and thought of putting an array of complimentary shades into one pallet.  I would like to see better diversity and have a darker option.  While I am more fair skinned my niece would have a difficult time with a bronzer or contour color with her deep skin tone. Maybe in the future we can see a Coastal Scents Blush and Bronzer Palette Deep?

In closing, for the price, you cant beat the quantity or quality of the shades you receive.  I have purchased and sampled better products but for the price it is worth checking out if you are more fair or medium completion.

In one last observation – Although we see scented palettes with other major brands, These products have no sent to them especially anything coastal 😉

Coastal Scents – Blush & Bronzer Palette



GLAMGLOW – Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

I have yet to find a product from GLAMGLOW that is not up to par with excellence.   They just seem to hit it out of the ball park and when a new product launches it is first in my cart.  ThirstyMud is no different. It is a oldie but a goodie having this product on their line for years.  I never complain when a GLAMGLOW product comes my way.  This is one of those instances when you get what you pay for.  Their mud masks can retail up to $69.00 you do get a lot for your money and if used correctly (not heavy handed) you will also fall in love with this brand and made it a ride or die on your bathroom vanity.  Although my three favorite masks are the Youthmud (black), Flashmud (orange) and the creme de la creme Supermud (white, and also my ultimate fave.) The Thirstymud is not excluded from the love.  I tend to have more oily skin in the summer time and a lighter gel cream does it for me (Im looking at you GLOWstarter.) In the wintertime my Thirstymud comes up front and boy do I enjoy her (yes, my product is a she!) I keep my sample for when I travel or fly (great for in-flight spa treatment) a little goes a long way.  The scent is clean, fresh and minimally tropical.  During the time of the year when it gets dark at 5pm, its cold and snow is falling if my kids permit me, I like to take a bath, put the Thirstymud on my face and neck and take a me-break (believe me, does not happen often) but when it does, it has a scent to relax me as you would with aromatherapy. This product line would make a great mini-scented candle of each of the muds…….(just dreaming here…) All in all, you cant say NO to the GLOW.  From the exquisite products to the packaging, you really get what you pay for and I know this is the first line of products on my immediate re-purchase list.

GLAMGLOW – Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

1.7 oz. $69.00


In conclusion of this months product selection I am very happy lady.  Each product will be put to great use.  Thank you Birchbox for the spread this month and will be looking forward to September’s box!

If you’d like more information your own BirchBox Subscription check out the link below!  Don’t forget they also have BirchBox for men!

Much love!



This is an honest review and did not receive compensation from Birchbox or companies above. These are my opinions. This goes with all my blog reviews.














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