Bad Skin – Milk Bomb Eraser

I recently was offered this product for the try now price in the selection of products from 0.8L.  Being a fan of any Korean skincare I have yet to find a company that has let me down.  Korean skin care has become a market leader in the beauty industry for America.  I see more and more companies and cult followings this industry has that can’t be ignored.

Always looking for a new cleanser that will fit in to my regimen, I’m slightly picky in the way I want my skin to feel after a daily cleansing.  This is however the second most important step in my AM/PM routine  aside to brushing my teeth.  I have been a long lover of Sheisido’s Ibuki line and the Lx line.  I like my skin to feel cleansed. Squeaky clean cleansed.  I don’t like cleansers that seem to be overly moisturized or leave a slip/film to the face.  I like to feel that the products I put over it will penetrate as I layer them up.  Theirs is a fine line to a “squeaky” clean cleanser that strips the face of its natural oils making my winter skin dryer than it needs to be and one that leaves it super clean without it feeling tight or itchy.  My preference runs a fine line to these claims.

Come to this cleanser that looks like a tube of toothpaste rather than a cleanser, I have to make sure I put it on a separate shelf or else my mom self will brush my teeth with it come one sleepless night with screaming children.  Ironically its packaging looks like the Marvis natural toothpaste I’ve also come to love.  Here’s a side by side for comparison.

Among all factors above and my personal relationship with cleansers is this a yay or a nay?

Its a Yay!

A Korean skin care brand gets my vote again!  This tube will last me at least 3 months. It takes the littlest amount to work into a lather.  If you can’t read Korean (its what’s on the box.) It is a highly concentrated milk protein extract in tiny beads that pop into a bubbly foam.  It gently cleans and removes impurities to deep clean skin that should leave your face feeling refreshed.  It has a milk protein extract that works to make your skin smooth, gently exfoliate, shrink pores and plumps up wrinkles and fine lines.  I find it to give you that squeaky clean feeling without the added dryness of some of its competitors.  Its perfume free, an added boost for those with a sensitive schnoz.  I have begun to use this product down my arms and décolleté. I’m trying to sloth away that built up winter layer that comes at this time in the north east so I am ready for the spring/summer months.  So far so good with this product.  The only negative take away would be if I were to mistake this for some toothpaste LOL!


I hope you have enjoyed this review!  As always, full transparency is my motto.  If you have a question on this product,  leave a comment below!  Thanks for joining me as I live my Life in the Beauty Lane!



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