Astral Collective, Beauty Box

Astral Collective – June 2018

Astral Collecticve’s June –  Cosmic Child Box.  Lets sort out whats inside.


Labradorite Polished Gemstone – Value $21 NZD

Inuit people say Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Auroras Borealis.  It represents the separation of the world from unseen realms of the sky.


Astral Collective Galaxy Mask – Value $24 NZD

Green Galaxy is the latest skincare product.  With Aloe Vera and Matcha as the hero ingredients its sure to send your skin to heaven and back again.


100% Silk Eye mask “Made from Stardust” – Value $35 NZD

Their “Made of Stardust” Eye mask is here to make you feel pampered. Pure silk helps retain moisture in the skin for plump under eyes and prevents wrinkles by not tugging the skin like satin or cotton.  A luxurious item I may not have bought for myself.


Sun & Moon Perpetual Calendar – Value $15 NZD

This tool is pure magic.  Just turn the dial, place the year over the month and you have 40+ years of dates and days including leap years.  The Moon and Sun symbol represents rebirth, strength and balance.


Amber Bibby Art Print “Cosmic Child” – Value $17 NZD

Amber Bibby is a talented artist who creates handmade art pieces and custom art for clients.  She has created this exclusive print inspired by “Cosmic Child” for Astral Babes only.  Visit her on Instagram  @amber.bibby.creative


Galaxy Nail Print Art w/ 100% Real Polish – Value $8 NZD

Sometimes, having pretty nails is the little difference for a normal day becoming a little magical.  If your not as clever as some nail artists out there, its all sorted out with easy to apply galaxy nails.


This rounds out my box for June!  For more information on how to get your own Astral Collective box visit them at

Until Next Month!


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